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ITIL® v3 One Year On

John Griffiths (itSMF Trainer of the Year 2007)A view from inside the training room

John Griffiths, Client Manager at Fox IT and itSMF Trainer of the Year 2007, looks at ITIL v3 one year on, and considers what has changed.

Everything has changed but nothing has changed. That is the mixed message coming from the classroom.

The ITIL refresh has generated a lot of differing views about the new look library. In the main, most people agree that it is an improvement, more accurately reflecting the way businesses and IT work in the modern world. There is also a consensus that the ’ideal world’ of ITIL has been repositioned closer to the ’real world’ into which people have to implement what they have learned from the classroom.

Version 3 has given managers and practitioners of Service Management a lot more to consider. In these relatively early days of version 3 it has helped to clarify some of the anomalies of previous versions while at the same time given more things that need to be considered. Continue reading ‘ITIL® v3 One Year On’