Are we nearly there yet?

Just when we thought the mist was clearing, the dust settling, and with the publication of the APMG Qualifications Scheme for ITIL® versions 2 and 3, we could begin to find our way through the ITIL qualifications maze, EXIN has announced a new Service Management qualification scheme, not part of the APMG ITIL scheme.

Their new IT Service Management Foundation examination will take a wider view of Service Management, including ITIL® versions 2 and 3, but also considering other standards and frameworks. 

The EXIN press release is at:

This seems likely to trigger much debate amongst Training Providers, whatever the relative merits of the various qualifications.

1 Response to “Are we nearly there yet?”

  1. 1 brianbroadhurst June 20, 2007 at 11:40 am

    I think the response to this EXIN announcement from training providers and potential purchasers of training courses will be interesting. It certainly does appear to complicate matters, and of course the EXIN qualifications will not be able to claim to be ITIL qualifications.

    It’s true that EXIN is better known in many parts of the world than is APMG, but then EXIN will also be offering the APMG ITIL v3 exams as well. I wonder what APMG’s reaction will be to EXIN offering both ITIL and a competitive qualification?

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