TSO Online ITIL® v3 Demo

Brian BroadurstTSO has made available a demo of its online ITIL v3 offering, ITIL Live. Those who have registered an interest in being kept up to date with the development via the TSO ITIL web site will have received an email asking them to view the demo and complete a short survey. Continue reading ‘TSO Online ITIL® v3 Demo’

ITIL® v3 One Year On

John Griffiths (itSMF Trainer of the Year 2007)A view from inside the training room

John Griffiths, Client Manager at Fox IT and itSMF Trainer of the Year 2007, looks at ITIL v3 one year on, and considers what has changed.

Everything has changed but nothing has changed. That is the mixed message coming from the classroom.

The ITIL refresh has generated a lot of differing views about the new look library. In the main, most people agree that it is an improvement, more accurately reflecting the way businesses and IT work in the modern world. There is also a consensus that the ’ideal world’ of ITIL has been repositioned closer to the ’real world’ into which people have to implement what they have learned from the classroom.

Version 3 has given managers and practitioners of Service Management a lot more to consider. In these relatively early days of version 3 it has helped to clarify some of the anomalies of previous versions while at the same time given more things that need to be considered. Continue reading ‘ITIL® v3 One Year On’

itSMF publish ITIL® V3 Global Roadshow Presentation

itSMF International have published their ITIL® V3 Global Roadshow Presentation. The full presentation is available as an Adobe Acrobat file (4.5Mb) –  ITIL V3 Roadshow Presentations

EXIN Foundation examinations: Update

EXIN has updated its Service Management Foundation examination announcement, released earlier this month. The amended version refers only to the current ITIL® v2 examination and the new APMG ITIL® v3 examination; the new IT Service Management Foundation examination has been removed.

The EXIN press release is at:

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and the IT Asset Management (ITAM) software market

In the sixth document in the “IT Management Software Market” series from Forrester Research,  Peter O’Neill considers the likely impact of Software-as-a-service (SaaS) on the IT Asset Management software market.

The full report may be purchased from the Forrester web site:

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Are we nearly there yet?

Just when we thought the mist was clearing, the dust settling, and with the publication of the APMG Qualifications Scheme for ITIL® versions 2 and 3, we could begin to find our way through the ITIL qualifications maze, EXIN has announced a new Service Management qualification scheme, not part of the APMG ITIL scheme.

Their new IT Service Management Foundation examination will take a wider view of Service Management, including ITIL® versions 2 and 3, but also considering other standards and frameworks. 

The EXIN press release is at:

This seems likely to trigger much debate amongst Training Providers, whatever the relative merits of the various qualifications.

Total Cost of Ownership of Software Applications

The Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA) has published a white paper on the Total Cost of Ownership of Software Applications. This looks at the arguments for and against using SaaS Applications.

What is Software as a Service?

Steve Ingall (MD, Fox IT)Earlier this year, Steve Ingall (MD, Fox IT) spoke at the UKCMG Service Level Management Seminar. Steve discussed Service Level Management through ‘Software as a Service’.

Software as a service (SaaS) is a software application delivery model where a software vendor develops a web-native software application and hosts and operates (either independently or through a third-party) the application for use by its customers over the Internet. Customers pay not for owning the software itself but for using it. Wikipedia 2007.

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Service-now.com’s Summer enhancement upgrade

The next Service-now.com upgrade is scheduled to be available from July 5th, 2007.

A host of improvements are planned this upgrade, including enhancements to Service Catalog, Knowledge Management and Administration capabilities such as:

  • More flexible Service Catalog checkout and delivery forms
  • Improved functionality for catalog approval tasks
  • Outbound SMS messaging support
  • Optional advanced submission workflow
  • Control personalization

One of the benefits of Service-now.com is that upgrades require no effort from the customer.

There is more information about the July 5th upgrade in the Service-now.com wiki.

ITIL Version 3 Glossary & Acronyms

TSO have announced that the ITIL Version 3 Glossary is now free to download via a free click use licence at

This 49 page document (in Microsoft® Word format) is a little unwieldy; a slightly more user-friendly web-base version is available.